Menucha v'Simcha

Contentment and gladnes
and light for Yehudim
on this day of Sabbath
day of delights
those who protect
and those who remember
they bear witness
that in six days
all was created
and still endures

The most exalted heaven
earth and seas
all the legions above
high and exalted
sea giant and man
and mighty beasts
that the Creator
Hashem, is the
Rock of the Universe

It is He who spoke to
his treasured nation
'Stand guard to
hallow it from
arrival to departure'
the holy Sabbath
day of His delight
for on it the Almighty
rested from all His work

Through the mitzvah of Sabbath
will the Almighty
strengthen you
arise! beseech Him
that He may rush
to fortify you
recite 'Nishmat kol Chai
'Soul of all living'
and also 'Na'aritzach
'We proclaim Your Strenth
eat in gladness for He
has already shown you favor

With double loaves
and the great Kiddush
with abundant delicacies
and a generous spirit
they will merit much good
those who take pleasure in it
with the redeemer's coming
for the life of
the World to Come

Menucha v'simcha
or l'yehudim
yom Shabbaton
yom machamadim
shomrav v'zochrav
hemah m'idim
ki l'shisha
kol bruim

Sh'mei shamayim
eretz v'yamim
kol tz'va marom
g'vuhim v'ramim
tanin v'adam
v'chayat r'emim
ki b'yah Adonai
tzur olamim

Hu asher diber
l'am segulato
shamor l'kadsho
mibo'o v'ad tzeto
Shabbat kodesh
yom chemdato
ki vo Shabbat
el mikol m'lachto

B'mitzvat Shabbat
el yachalitzach
kum k'ra elav
yachish lamtzach
nishmat kol chai
v'gam na'aritzach
echol b'simcha
ki chavar ratzach

B'mishneh lechem
v'kidush rabah
b'rov matamim
v'ruach n'divah
yizku l'rav tuv
Hamitangim bah
b'viat goel
ha'olam ha'ba