Tzur Mishelo

The Rock from
Whose we have eaten!
Bless Him,
my faithful friends
we have eaten our
fill and left over
according to Hashem's word

He nourishes His universe
our Shepherd, our Father
we have eaten His bread
and His wine we have drunk
therefore let us
praise His Name
and praise Him
with our mouths
let us sing out loudly
there is none
as holy as Hashem

With song and sound
of thanksgiving
let us bless our God
for the land so desirable
and good that He gave
our ancestors as a heritage
with nourishment
and sustenance
He sated our souls
His kindness was
mighty over us
and Hashem is truth!

Be merciful
in Your kindness
upon Your nation,
our Rock,
upon Zion
resting place
of Your Glory
the shrine,
home of our splendor
may the son of David
your servant
come and redeem us
breath of our nostrils
annointed of Hashem

May the Temple be rebuilt
the City of Zion
there shall we sing
a new song
with joyous singing ascend
may the Merciful,
the Sanctified,
be blessed and exalted
over a full cup of wine
worthy of Hashem's blessing

Tzur mishelo achalnu
barchu emunai
savanu v'hotarnu
k'dvar adonai

Hazan et olamo
roenu avinu
achalnu et lachmo
v'yeinu shatinu
al ken nodeh lishmo
unhal'lu b'finu
amarnu v'aninu
ein kadosh k'adonai

B'shir v'kol todah
n'varech l'eloheinu
al eretz chemdah
sh'hinchil l'avoteinu
mazon v'tzedah
hisbia l'nafsheinu
chasdo gavar aleinu
v'emet adonai

Rachem b'chasdecha
al amcha tzureinu
al Tzion mishkan k'vodecha
zevul beit tifarteinu
ben David avdecha
yavo v'yigalenu
ruach apeinu
meshiach adonai

Yibane HaMikdash
ir Tzion t'maleh
v'sham nashir
shir chadash
u'virnanah na'aleh
harachaman ha nikdash
yitbarach v'yitaleh
al cos yayin male
k'virkat adonai