Yedid Nefesh

Beloved of the soul
Compassionate Father
draw your servant
to your will
Then Your servant
will hurry
like a hart
to bow before
Your majesty
To him
Your friendship
will be sweeter
than the dripping
of the honeycomb
and any taste

Majestic, Beautiful
Radiance of
the Universe
my soul pines
for your love
Please, O God
heal her now
by showing her
the pleasantness
of Your radiance
Then she will
be strengthened
and healed
and gladness
will be hers

All-worthy one
may Your mercy
be aroused
and please
take pity
on the son
of Your beloved
because it is
so very long
that I have
yearned intensely
to see the splendor
of Your strength
Only these
my heart desired
so please take pity
and do not
conceal Yourself

Please be revealed
and spread upon me
my Beloved, the
shelter of Your peace
Illuminate the world
with Your glory
that we may rejoice
and be glad with You
Hasten, show love,
for the time has come,
and show us grace
as in days of old

Yedid nefesh
av harachamam
m'shoch avdecha
el r'tzonecha
yarutz avdecha
k'mo ayal
yishtachaveh el
mul hadarecha
ye'erav lo
minofet tzuf
v'chol t'am

Hadur na'eh
ziv ha'olam
nafshi cholat
ana el na
r'fa na lah
b'har'ot lah
no'am zivecha
az tithazek
v'hay'tiah lah
simchat olam

Vatik yehemu na
v'chusah na
al ben ahuvecha
ki zeh kamah
nichsof nichsafti
lir'ot m'herah
b'tiferet uzecha
eleh chemdah
chemdah libi
v'chusah na
v'al titalam

Higaleh na
ufros chavivi alai
et sukat
tair eretz
v'nism'cha bach
maher ehov
ki va moed
kimei olam